Paradox Engineering and Eschertec AG partner on virtual network and wireless sensor network solutions


Zurich, Switzerland — (METERING.COM) — June 23 2011 – Network solution provider Paradox Engineering and engineering consultancy EscherTec AG have announced a collaboration to introduce advanced virtual network and wireless sensor network solutions for energy and multi-utilities, among other applications, across Europe.

Both based in Switzerland, the two companies will share competencies and expertise to grow in the European market through a consistent offering of end-to-end managed solutions, combining Paradox Engineering technologies and EscherTech AG data analysis capabilities.

“Global and complex organizations can truly take advantage from sound data collection, transport, storage and delivery, because this means unlocking the value of information and capitalizing on it,” stated Gianni Minetti, CEO at Paradox Engineering. “We are sharing this approach with EscherTec AG to build unparalleled solutions for performance and condition monitoring with reliable data management components.”

Paradox Engineering solutions include:

  • PE.WSNi, a modular system providing the hardware and software for rapid and cost effective design and deployment of reliable wireless mesh networks for data acquisition
  • PE.AMI, a complete solution for remote control, machine-to-machine (M2M) data monitoring and automated two-way communications for multi-utilities applications
  • PE.VNO, a state-of-the-art technology for hybrid networks, application hosting, and web-based services.

EscherTec AG leverages Paradox Engineering technologies by integrating advanced data analysis services and tools.

“The development of customized management tools with engine key performance indicators (KPI) will provide concentrated and highly valuable data for decision making”, added Ignaz Martin, director marketing and sales at EscherTec AG. “As a result, clients will benefit from improved efficiency and reliability using best levels of operations and maintenance”.