PE.AMI smart grid solution introduced by Paradox Engineering


Novazzano, Switzerland — (METERING.COM) — September 16, 2011 – PE.AMI – Advanced Metering Infrastructure, a complete solution for remote control, machine-to-machine (M2M), data monitoring and two-ways communications, has been introduced by Paradox Engineering.

Developed for the specific needs of utilities and multi-utilities, PE.AMI provides a unified communication platform to enable smart metering and smart grid infrastructures, therefore contributing to shaping smart cities.

PE.AMI is the first ultra low power IPv6 wireless mesh network solution available on the market featuring 6lowPAN protocol.

PE.AMI comprises four applications:
PE.AMI Advanced Meter Reading – to cost effectively manage gas, electricity and water distribution networks, as well as any other energy service PE.AMI Lighting Management – to control and manage the light output of single lamps or groups of lamps in public lighting (streets, car parks, government buildings) or non domestic environments (sheds, office buildings, factories) PE.AMI Load Management – to manage energy demand peaks by addressing seasonal or individual changes in consumption patterns (i.e. summer peaks due to air conditioning systems, winter peaks for hot water storage systems, variation of family life rhythms, etc.) PE.AMI Solid Waste Integrated Network Gathering System (SWINGs) – to efficiently manage solid waste collection processes and control key parameters such as dustbin status, waste levels, etc.

“A smarter management of energy resources is crucial to the development of a low carbon economy,” commented Gianni Minetti, CEO of Paradox Engineering. “PE.AMI allows multi-utilities to successfully face some emerging competitive and environmental challenges, such as rising energy costs and increasing regulatory requirements, as well as the need to lower carbon emissions while improving customer service.”

PE.AMI is an out-of-the-box, self configuring and self healing solution composed of hardware (nodes, repeaters, gateway), software and management system building a full bidirectional network to connect any sort of new or existing meter with the company’s business applications.

Leveraging sub-GHz ISM band for higher penetration and noise immunity, PE.AMI also features ultra low power technology standing the harshest conditions (IP68 and ATEX certified). Each solution component is equipped with advanced diagnostic tools and auto-provisioning functions to simplify installation and streamline maintenance, reducing the need for specialized personnel interventions.