Piezo ceramic components and ultrasonic sensors for utilities metering


Windsor, U.K. — (METERING.COM) — January 29, 2010 – Piezoelectric ceramic components and ultrasonic sensors for flow measurement of utilities, including gas, heat and water have been introduced by advanced materials company MTC ElectroCeramics.

The piezoceramic components for measuring flow, distance and level have excellent acoustic sensitivity and mechanical strengths to withstand high pressures. Their tightly controlled resonant frequencies are key to achieving consistently good sensitivity levels.

MTC ElectroCeramics also uses its piezoceramic materials to design and manufacture ultrasonic sensors for metering both gas and liquid flow measurement, taking into consideration customer specific requirements for sensor housing that operates reliably under high pressure and a wide range of temperatures. The sensors are supplied in custom designed housings complete with acoustic matching layers that enhance sensitivity and also provide the required protection from the environment.

The use of ultrasonics for metering has been widely adopted, with more than 3 million meters installed annually in the European market.