Pilot project on smart heat submetering in Germany


Munich, Germany — (METERING.COM) — November 25, 2009 – A pilot project has been launched by E.ON subsidiary E.ON Bayern and German metering company Brunata-Metrona to test heat submetering among customers.

To date tenants and owners of multiple dwellings have been unable to benefit from heat submetering, due to the status of the technology. Now Brunata-Metrona is addressing this problem in co-operation with E.ON Bayern.

Approximately 50 properties are participating in this pilot and have been equipped with state-of-the-art smart submetering technology.

From January 1, 2010, the installation of smart metering technology for electricity and gas will be compulsory for all new buildings in Germany. Owners of existing buildings will have the opportunity to use this technology on a voluntary basis.

Considering the fact that heating and hot water generation offer the highest saving potential, smart meters and smart submetering solutions should generally be used in these fields. E.ON Bayern has already started a field pilot with 10,000 smart meters installed across the state of Bayern last year. The use of smart metering in multiple dwelling units will now be tested in this joint pilot project of E.ON Bayern and Brunata-Metrona.

The energy consumption data of the entire building will be collected by E.ON Bayern and subsequently will be broken down by Brunata-Metrona for individual dwellings, enabling the tenant to get up-to-date consumption data on a monthly basis. In addition, the data is linked to fuel consumption and associated monthly costs to provide users with information on their total costs per month and an estimate of their advance payment.

“This pilot project offers tenants of multiple dwellings for the first time to benefit from smart metering and smart submetering solutions in the field of heat energy”, said Ralph Cerny of Brunata-Metrona and Gordon Speda of E.ON Bayern. “Tenants of multiple dwellings will have the opportunity to save energy in a very modern and effective way.”