PLC products dropping in price


Limassol, Cyprus — (METERING.COM) — March 26, 2008 – Power line communication (PLC) is becoming increasingly widespread due to its ease of installation and adaptability and now products are becoming available at a price point that is set to take PLC into the mainstream.

Cyprus-based PLC solution provider KYP Alliance has announced a range of PLC products in the range US$35 to 100 based on the SM-16 family of communicators. The SM-16-V modem is a small and compact stand-alone chip, with low power consumption, making it suitable for installation in devices such as power meters. Its efficiency is almost independent of power line quality and it may be used in devices from different manufacturers.

For cases where the modem can not be incorporated internally, an external version, the SM-16-BP has been developed, which is DIN mounted and powered from the mains.

Both versions provide communication over a distance of several kilometers, making them suitable for solving the “last mile” problem in advanced and automatic meter reading (AMI/AMR) systems, as well as in SCADA and other monitoring systems.

Another area of application for the SM-16 family is the implementation of the “smart home”, in which multiple household devices are incorporated into a single network with centralized management, as the power network is an ideal medium for communication between the devices. With the inclusion of PLC in for example heating and cooling devices (heaters, air conditioners, etc.) and lighting systems across one or more buildings, it is possible to develop a network to manage the devices from a single control board. In addition systems can be created for high load consumers, taking account of peak load requirements.

“Advantages of PLC are that its installation avoids drilling into walls and ceilings and laying cables, as the electric main is already present in nearly every building!” says KYP Alliance. “No wonder that PLC keeps on growing and involving more and more applications.”