Poland’s PGE Dystrybucja pilots ADD smart meter technology


The distribution system operator’s work under its ‘Construction and implementation of smart metering system in Białystok Branch and Łódź-City Branch’, is part of a national effort to meet the EU smart meter mandate.

Over 26 thousand  meters , 87 Data Concentrators and modems (data collection and transfer devices) were installed at the Retkinia housing estate in Lodz (a high density urban area and multi-family housing with multiple divisions of SN (medium voltage) and nN (low voltage) networks and short power lines). Moreover, almost 24 thousand meters and 639 concentrators and modems were installed in Augustów and its vicinity.

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) is a system consisting of measuring devices (AMI meters), communication (modems and data concentrators) and an IT system for managing and processing measured values collected from meters. Meters installed at the customer premises communicate with data concentrators (located at power substations transforming the energy from medium voltage to low voltage – SN / nN) through a low voltage power network based on PLC technology (Power Line Communication) based on PRIME. The data transmission from the concentrators to the Central System is done by means of station modems using mobile telephony.

The entire AMI system uses authentication techniques for communicating with each other to exclude unauthorized access. Communication between all elements of the AMI System is encrypted using secure technologies – analogous to the technologies used in electronic banking. Access to data is only possible for authorized and verified users on the PGE Distribution and for the customer.

Detailed energy insight

Replacing legacy meters for AMI devices improves the DSO’s performance (PGE Distribution) and improves the quality of customer service, which, thanks to the implemented IT tools, will allow users to view detailed data on energy consumption. AMI meters record not only the measured values on the display but also the power consumption and current consumption of electricity at regular intervals, such as hourly intervals or voltage drop information. This will allow the customer to analyze his energy consumption and then choose the best way to settle (change his tariff to suit his own needs) or change his behavior in terms of electricity consumption (change habits and hours of maximum energy consumption).

The operator has already observed the first positive effects of implementing AMI meters. The functionality of AMI meters allows for remote reading – no need for the collector’s visits, which significantly streamlines the process of obtaining data for billing for consumed electricity, and does not require the customer to sign up and engage in the process (meter readings).

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