Powel ELIN to manage smart meters at ÄŒEZ Měření­ data center


Prague, Czech Republic and Trondheim, Norway — (METERING.COM) — March 14, 2011 – Powel has announced a contract as part of a winning bid offered by the consortium of suppliers for the smart metering pilot program at ÄŒEZ Měření.

The engagement is for the realization of a data center at ÄŒEZ Měření (ÄŒEZ Metering) including the implementation of the Powel ELIN Smart Meter data collection system and a related SAP NetWeaver interface. The project is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2012.

ÄŒEZ Měření is a member of the ÄŒEZ Group, providing the Group electricity metering services. The data center will be one of several data centers which will be used in an automatic metering pilot project. Through its partner Ness Technologies, Powel ELIN will be implemented to support this large-scale, automatic metering pilot project that will examine new ways of power metering at the ÄŒEZ Group.  The system will collect power utilization data through the use of intelligent meters. The data collected will be evaluated and used to optimize the management of the electricity network, with a goal of better meeting the needs of distributors, and commercial and private customers.

"The WPP AMM project is one of the key projects of CEZ Měření, which will, among others, test the individual functional units of the AMM system,” said Ondrej Mamula, project manager for WPP AMM. “Experience from this project will influence the decision to possibly rollout the AMM system in the ÄŒEZ distribution network within the Czech Republic.”

Powel ELIN is a vendor-independent system that collects and manages consumption data from virtually any utility meter or submeter using open protocols. This allows ÄŒEZ Měření to test several types of smart meters, concentrators and communication systems including PLC, radio and GPRS point-to-point. Powel ELIN will also integrate with the SAP NetWeaver interface based on the SAP AMI (MDUS) standard.