Prague Electric Network continues installation of ADDAX PRIME-based smart metering


The Czech Republic has been and remains one of the most advanced countries of the European Union.

Every year in Prague the city hosts a variety of events dedicated to changes and the latest trends in the information, technology and innovation fields. Many of them are accepted with enthusiasm, others, however, are met with a little more scepticism.

Over the last few years, the concept of smart meter introduction has been perceived ambiguously. On the one hand, the thought of smart meter device deployment for businesses and consumers is exciting because it means that it will facilitate the utility accounting system and reduce bills for electricity consumption. Nevertheless, the installation of smart meters is, for the Czech Republic, quite a pricy novelty.

On the basis of these assumptions a cost benefit analysis was undertaken which, in turn, showed how the electricity market could develop with the installation of new generation devices. The results were similar to the original forecasts. Over the next decade or more the installation of smart devices is not likely to become a positive trend. The statement shows that the result is increasingly negative the longer the modelling period, because annual operating expenditures are assumed to be greater than annual benefits. The gap between cost and benefit is extremely high. However, there are various factors built into the cost benefit analysis that may overstate the true gap. These include: the inclusion of rewiring costs that may potentially be considered a general distribution activity, rather than a specific component of smart metering activities; relatively high meter costs, IT maintenance costs and low assumed consumption benefits.

In relation to the analysis, the experts at ADD Grup believe that the massive introduction of meters should be carried out gradually, allowing utilities and consumers to experience consistent benefits associated with installing new equipment.

ADD Grup has partnered with Transtech CZ on a regular basis since the introduction of the Slovak branch in 2009. At that time, there were a lot of ideas in the Czech Republic concerning the implementation of the EU Directive to implement 80% smart maters by 2020.

In 2016 yet again, together with ADD CZ, ADD Grup has delivered a PRIME pilot project for PRE (Prague Electric Network) with the deployment of single-phase meters NP71E.1-19-1 (165 items), three-phase meter with transformer connection NP73E.2-17-1 (330 items) and router DCM8A.3-1-1 (4 items).

The project is considered to be a turning point in the partnership of both companies meant to point out the advantages of the system and allowing the consumers and utilities to understand and accept the favourable conditions associated with its installation.

The pilot project items are detecting every possible intervention behind the meter cover to prevent electricity theft. This is one of the best advantages of the meter. Additionally, the load control feature allows the customer to understand the importance of “turning on saving mode” to reduce the cost of the consumed electricity. They can also benefit from disconnecting relays, reserve power supply and multirate registration.

The pilot project demonstrates there is a practical and very precise application of smart technology that brings out the most reasonable key features of solutions that ADD Grup is willing to provide. The most definitely useful of them being interoperability which is a well-performed ability of the meter to interact with other supplier’s inventions.

This is the first full commissioning of PRIME PLC technology in the Czech Republic including data collection for 1 minute profiles and 10 minute profiles at the PRE customer premises.

During the cooperation that began in 2010, a total of almost 2,500 electricity meters were delivered.  The ADD Grup project for PRE has been deployed with the following indicators:

  • In the first phase (2 parts) concentrators plus 1, 350 meters PLC F-FSK, a readout of 94% / 48h
  • In the second phase concentrators plus 490 meters PLC PRIME, readout 100% / 24h including minute data, MV communication via BPL
  • In the third phase (running project) concentrators plus 504 meters PLC PRIME/G3. Some 500 more meters will be installed during 2018

With the implementation of ADDAX system, the quality factor of delivered services in the energy sector will be raised to maximum which will have a favourable impact on the country’s infrastructure.

According to a company release, this means a larger number of smart meters will be produced by ADD Grup, a larger number of smart meters will be deployed by Transtech CZ and many happier consumers will be taking advantage of the reduced bills from smart metering solutions throughout the country. Even though the overall Czech Republic cost benefit analysis provided an active negative result, the costs of the ADDAX smart metering solution compared to its benefits and performance justifies its step by step installation by PRE and hopefully can create a countrywide demand for the smart meters.


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