Preparing for competition in European energy markets


Henri Ducrè
Gaz de France’s
Sales Director
Paris, France — (METERING.COM) — July 5, 2007 – Gas de France developed a new commercial policy for retail customers as the European energy markets moved closer to full competition, which was introduced on 1 July – and by noon on 2 July the company had received more than 6,000 new contract requests for its free market offer.

Gaz de France Group is a major energy player in Europe, with 13.9 million clients, 11 million of whom are in France. Last month the Group announced its commitment to making it even easier for both its current and future customers to choose between maintaining their regulated prices on natural gas, or opting for new market offerings combining gas, electricity and a range of services.

At the press conference held to unveil Gaz de France’s new commercial offerings for retail customers, Henri Ducré, the Group’s Sales Director, announced that: “Retail customers will now be able to choose both their energy supplier and the service that is best adapted to their needs. Drawing on its experience, Gaz de France is committed to meeting the specific requirements of its current and future customers by offering them a wide range of products and services. Following the Group’s success since the opening of the industrial market to professional users in 2000, this last step presents the Group with new commercial growth opportunities.”

By 12 noon on 2 July 524 customers had already signed up with Gas de France. They expressed particular interest in the solution that guarantees fixed gas and electricity energy prices throughout the life of the contracts. This solution allows customers to know exactly where they stand as far as their energy budgets are concerned.

The deregulation of the energy markets has also made it possible to demonstrate that the structural organization within the company, first launched more than two years ago, has been efficient. The conditions of independence, openness and non-discrimination vis-à-vis all operators have been applied in compliance with the requirements of the second gas directive transposed into French law in 2003 and 2006. For the past two years, Gaz de France has worked to ensure that the deregulation of the market proceeds as simply and clearly as possible for consumers, and to give them the benefit of new attractive service offerings, fitting their projects and needs.