Preventing water theft also helps with identifying leaks


Bridgend, U.K. — (METERING.COM) — May 29, 2008 – A new product known as Meter Guard helps to stop customers tampering with their water meters – and by preventing theft also helps to identify leaks in the system, because water use can be monitored more accurately.

Water is scarce in many parts of the U.K., and utilities are aware of the need for identifying system losses. Customers who have water meters – many houses still pay for water based on the ratable value of their home rather than on actual consumption – sometimes remove or replace ‘no flow’ caps, or disconnect their meters altogether between reads. Theft is becoming more widespread.

The Meter Guard can increase revenue for the water companies by preventing easy tampering with the meter, meaning that customers pay for their actual consumption. Meter Guard can also reduce the damage done to boundary boxes and meters during the tampering process.

When it is installed the Meter Guard extends the overall height of the meter, encouraging the installer to sink the meter deep enough to conform with water regulations. The extended height of any meter guarded with Meter Guard ensures that the housing sheath is installed vertically. The guard increases the life of the meter and boundary box by offering extra protection from the elements and surface water.