PRI Granted Queen’s Award For Enterprise: International Trade 2006


PRI is extremely proud to announce that it is a winner of “The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise: International Trade 2006”. This award, the most prestigious in the UK, acknowledges the international sales growth of PRI’s intelligent systems and services for energy and utility revenue management. PRI successfully supplies markets across Asia, the Far East, Middle East, Africa, Australasia and Europe.

The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise, which recognise and endorse the achievements of UK-based businesses, are announced on the Queen’s birthday, the 21st April, each year. PRI feel particularly honoured that this award coincides with Her Majesty’s 80th birthday on 21st April 2006. Babu Babel, Managing Director of PRI, says that winning this particular Queen’s Award has been made possible by the company continuing to focus on developing technology and applications that serve the changing business drivers for utilities. As a result, PRI continues to deliver innovation to its customers. The Queen’s Award comes soon after PRI won the International Business Award in November 2005 for Corporate Exporter of the Year: £5M – £25M turnover category. PRI employs a team of 47 with international sales teams based in the UK, Dubai and Australia. PRI has product development teams based in Winchester and Blackburn in the UK, and Melbourne, Australia. The recent awards for PRI underpin the history of the organisation and the worldwide acceptance of PRI technology.

PRI is uniquely positioned to provide innovative solutions to the industry – the fundamental river for starting Polymeters (which later became PRI) was to exploit the Credit And Load Management Unit (CALMUTM) technology invented by the late John Fielden and Robert Peddie. In 1984 UK utilities trialled the first CALMU™ products in 300 homes; the trial included an in-home consumer panel linked to a CALMU™ meter that could receive broadcast economic price signal messages. Polymeters went on to become the first company to develop intelligent microprocessor-based electricity meters for use in billing and energy management systems; this has resulted in over 4 million CALMU™ based smart metering products being installed worldwide. Today, more than 20 years after the original trials, the industry is continuing to discuss credit and load management. Consumers require more information (the kWh register has little meaning) and they want to see their energy usage displayed in money, so that they can take more effective decisions for cost control (payment solutions) and energy conservation. Effective load management is becoming more and more important as the cost of energy generation is increasing and more demand is placed on electrical networks leading to more infrastructure investment.

PRI’s export efforts have been directed into both developing and developed world markets. Each of these markets has placed different demands on the metering technology, which has been flexible enough to allow the development of products suited to these individual needs of the countries in which PRI has a presence. From this background, PRI has developed considerable experience in operating technology licensing and assisting overseas production. Today, PRI is part of the Entity Consortium with group sales of USD100 million. The Entity Consortium offers a complete range of products and systems for most utility metering requirements, ranging from high accuracy class 0.2s metering for power stations and grid metering, to commercial and industrial metering systems, advanced revenue protection systems and the Liberty Payment Solutions systems. The Liberty System provided the first on-line vend in the year 2000 and has now been deployed in many markets including the UK, Middle East, India and New Zealand. Dual fuel options (electricity and gas) have been added to the Liberty System portfolio. Together with the Freedom (consumer in-home display coupled to GSM/GPRS and low power radio option), these products attract significant interest in PRI solutions as smart metering and advanced infrastructure requirements gather momentum worldwide.