PRIME – 2.5m meters installed worldwide


The PRIME Alliance has announced that around 2.5 million PRIME meters have now been installed in 10 countries worldwide, following recent expansion into Brazil and Australia.

“While there will always be healthy debate about the exact technologies used in any DNO networks, it ultimately is the ability to deploy and install successfully that is really the most important proof point,” said Tom Willie, vice president of the PRIME Alliance. “Having 2.5 million meters installed should provide all decisions makers within a DNO the confidence in knowing that PRIME is a proven technology that works in scale for future-proof smart grid deployments.”

PRIME (PoweRline Intelligent Metering Evolution) defines an open and non-proprietary standard for OFDM PLC technology. The features and capabilities of PRIME have been developed to address the difficult challenges of powerline communications and PRIME fits into a telecommunications architecture that supports advanced metering functionalities and enables the building of the electricity networks of the future.

Among utilities that have recently selected PRIME is Energa-Operator, one of the largest utilities in Poland. Energa is now installing 310,000 single and three phase smart meters from ADD Grup, with data concentrators from ORMAZABAL CURRENT, located within 3,200 distribution transformer stations.

Energex, from South East Queensland in Australia, is a state owned utility spanning some 25,000 km2, which has been engaged since 2012 in the evaluation of PRIME technology within an Australian network topology. New business benefits have been identified during the trial such as active phase identification and active LV network connectivity.  Once stage 1 of the project is completed, the next steps will involve the development of additional testing and optimisation tools and techniques.