PRIME Alliance expands scope on end-to-end security, IPv6 and DLMS-COSEM


Miguel A. Sanchez
Fornie, Chairman,
PRIME Alliance
Madrid, Spain — (METERING.COM) — September 30, 2011 – The PRIME Alliance has announced that IPv6 is now supported as a convergence layer over PRIME MAC and PHY layers, opening the way for vendors and utilities to develop and deploy PRIME IPv6-based smart metering solutions.

Up until now, IPv4 and IEC 61334-4-32 were supported.

In other news the PRIME Alliance board recently agreed that all members can have access to the details of the protocol between PLC data concentrators and AMM systems that is currently being used in field deployments. This will enable faster and smoother rollouts, while giving manufacturers the possibility to offer a comprehensive solution, and at the same time facilitate the adoption of end-to-end security mechanisms.

The Alliance also has adopted the IEC 62056 suite (DLMS-COSEM) as the preferred choice of application layer for smart grid deployments. This suite is based on open architectures where PRIME lower layers offer a secure, robust and fast communication link. An ad-hoc subgroup within the PRIME Alliance Technical Working Group has been set up to address member’s requirements and to establish the corresponding collaboration with DLMS UA.

According to the Alliance, more than half a million PRIME meters have been deployed in utilities in Europe to date, with large scale field results showing sound system behavior in stressful environments and outstanding availability in a variety of network topologies.

Interoperability has been a key goal for the Alliance, and two years after its foundation, the final objective to establish a set of open international PLC standards, permitting interoperability among equipment and systems from different manufacturers, has now been met.

“Growing interest in the Alliance and its efforts underlines the importance and recognition of PRIME as the future standard for power line communication-based smart meters enabling the smart grid vision” said Miguel A. Sanchez Fornie, chairman of the Alliance. “The PRIME standard now provides a clear path to solving the need for a public, cost effective smart grid communications infrastructure in support of Europe’s smart metering roadmap.”