Product solution for high-volume energy markets


Italian electricity market operator Gestore Mercato Elettrico (GME) has signed a three-year maintenance and support contract for Excelergy MarketRunner™ – a secure, collaborative software product designed for large volume power exchanges to manage the bidding, pricing, scheduling and settlement of transactions among participants in real-time markets. The Excelergy MarketRunner deployment at GME marks the first time a packaged software solution has been successfully deployed to manage these markets.

In April 2004 the Italian Power Exchange officially opened for trading using the Excelergy MarketRunner software platform to manage transactions. Because it is a product rather than a custom build, Excelergy MarketRunner was initially implemented at GME, from concept to white testing, in less than six months and at a cost equal to 10-20% of the typical custom-build platforms that run other power exchanges. /