Improvements to IT division to optimise operations at Engie

French multinational utility and energy services company Engie selected project management software firm Clarizen to improve the operations of its Information Technology (IT) division.

According to a statement, ENGIE IT, the provider of IT services to the utility company, will use Clarizen’s solutions to reduce times spent on manual tasks. ENGIE IT is responsible for the development, operation and maintenance of IT services to help subsidiaries of Engie Group operating in the electricity, gas and energy services sectors.

The company provides and operates technologies for other subsidiaries of Engie to address challenges associated with the transition of the energy sector to clean, sustainable, low carbon and climate-change mitigation type.

The partnership with the US-based project management software firm is expected to help Engie to boost the efficiency of services at the same time reduce operational costs.

Joeri Pavlovic, director of projects and programmes at ENGIE IT, said: “Our previous portfolio and project management (PPM) software was costly to maintain and configure, and lacked the flexibility our IT teams needed.

“We evaluated 12 PPM software solutions and came to the conclusion that Clarizen would work best for us, because it was cost effective and the most flexible – agile enough to fit all our needs.”

ENGIE IT will use the services to improve its management of budgets, customer experience, and a variety of applications and infrastructure development and management projects. The cloud based solution will be used for the provision of operational data and its upgrade in real time in accordance with changes to the flow of work.

The integration of Clarizen’s technology with Engie’s business is underway.

David Goulden, Product Director at Clarizen, added: “Like all global leaders, ENGIE is always looking for ways to become more business agile and it is clear that one of the best ways to achieve this is by employing a cloud-based work collaboration platform to ensure teams have a better way of managing their workflow. For firms operating across a global marketplace, we are seeing increasing demand for a work management software that transcends location and time-zones, while empowering employees to use their time more effectively by streamlining workflow.”


Image Credit: 123rf.