PROSUME Energy Foundation utilises blockchain for energy sharing platform


The Swiss PROSUME Energy Foundation, is rethinking energy models, through a new revolutionary platform to exchange electricity from renewable and fossil sources. It connects independent power producers, consumers, innovative utility companies and energy communities in a locally shared market where each peer is free to interact in a multi-tenant ecosystem.

With a mission to promote decentralised power models and empower energy communities through blockchain software technology, the Foundation wants to implementation peer to peer energy exchange policies targeting possible solutions for all the existing physical and legal energy framework barriers. Additionally, the foundation will invest in research and development to offer innovative hardware and IoT-devices related to smart metering, smart grid, energy routers and devices.

PROSUME is founded on three main pillars, namely decentralisation, digitalisation and decarbonisation. Blockchain has been considered the perfect tool to achieve the mission of the foundation because this disruptive technology combines IT with cryptography and governance principles to create a new, safer, more resilient and transparent environment where participants can be independent in choosing his own energy sources.

In order to support its project and mission, Prosume is launching a pre-ICO based on upgradeable ERC20 derivate token on the Ethereum platform, the industry standard for issuing custom digital assets and smart contracts. Its ease of use means Ethereum is the perfect solution for an Initial Coin Offering.

Because the platform deals with many of today’s problems and opportunities related to the energy sharing sector, like support for regulation frameworks, fair policy pricing, network balancing, smart payment and smart billing, the advanced features and active ecosystem of Ethereum make it the natural fit for Prosume. Ethereum’s ability to deploy smart contracts enables complex issuance rules for cryptocurrencies, digital financial contracts, and automated incentive structures.

“We strongly believe in the sharing energy model based on the peer to peer exchange system, for this reason [the] PROSUME platform has as its main goal to be the most innovative place to develop energy communities, in order to give everyone the possibility to exchange energy in a more transparent, traceable, accessible, flexible, resilient and sustainable way” says Alfredo Giardina, co-founder of the Foundation.

“Several energy companies from all around Europe have already [shown] a keen interest in this project and PROSUME is now negotiating eight different pilot projects. We really do believe in the power of sharing energy as this is the best way to empower yourself and gain your independence” concludes Giardina.