Q4000 electromagnetic meter with replaceable battery pack introduced by Elster


Luton, U.K. — (METERING.COM) — November 1, 2011 – A new version of the Q4000 electromagnetic water meter with a replaceable battery pack for extended meter operating life has been introduced by Elster.

The new Q4000 solution, which was launched in Europe and the Middle East last month, is ideal for utility applications, including network monitoring and commercial billing.

The Q4000 features bi-directional pulse communications that are fully compatible with the latest data logging and advanced meter reading equipment. Along with low head loss, high accuracy and a fully sealed waterproof IP68 housing construction, the Q4000 represents the latest technology in battery powered electromagnetic meters.

The new version of the Q4000 provides long, reliable battery life meaning fewer expensive service visits for the lowest whole-life cost. The meter maintains a fast 0.5 second sampling rate to ensure no loss of measurement accuracy. Furthermore, the easy to exchange, specially designed battery pack extends the meter’s operating life and makes it possible for the Q4000 to operate beyond 10 years in very hot climates such as the Middle East.

“By lowering the service interval for battery replacement, utilities can now spend more time focusing on real value-creating activities such as reducing leakage and ensuring an effective distribution of water throughout their network,” said Gary Vincent, regional general manager for Elster’s water metering business. “With its replaceable battery pack to extend the meter’s operating life and simplicity to set up and use, the new Q4000 represents a leap forward in electronic water metering.”