Robotic Assistance Devices lands second utility deal

Source: Image credit: Robotic Assistance Devices, LLC

RAD is specialised in the delivery of artificial intelligence and robotic solutions for operational, security and monitoring needs.

According to the Digital Journal, RAD will deploy a robot at the utility during the month of July, with the proof of concept expected to last 20 days. If the utility is satisfied with the technology, it will most likely place orders with RAD.

“We are very happy to have signed up our second major utility,” said Steve Reinharz, President and CEO of RAD. “We are currently working with several utilities that have demonstrated strong interest to undergo POCs, and we expect to enter into several other POC agreements with other utilities in the near future.”

The company has also reportedly entered into an agreement for a paid proof of concept (POC) with a major green energy utility with over 50,000 employees worldwide.

The proof of concept for the ‘green’ energy utility is scheduled to last 90 days after which, if satisfied, the utility is expected to place orders with RAD for robots across their US network of power plants.

On the Move Systems (OMVS) is continuing its due diligence process on RAD as part of the binding LOI that was entered into last week for the purchase of 100% of RAD by OMVS. It is anticipated that the acquisition will close before August 10, 2017.

Use of artificial intelligence tech

Just recently, automation and tech giants ABB and IBM announced their collaboration on artificial intelligence solutions for the industrial sector.

According to a release, the collaboration between the two companies will bring together “ABB’s industry technology ability with IBM Watson Internet of Things cognitive capabilities to unlock new value for customers in utilities, industry and transport and infrastructure.”

Customers in the these sectors are expected to benefit from ABB’s deep domain knowledge and portfolio of digital solutions combined with IBM’s expertise in artificial intelligence and machine-learning and different industry verticals.

“The first two joint industry solutions powered by ABB Ability and Watson will bring real-time cognitive insights to the factory floor and smart grids,” said the Economic Times’ Read more…