Radio communications protocol for meter reading


In 1998, eight major players in the metering and radio markets (EDF, Gaz de France (GDF), Severn Trent Water, Aquametro, Itron, Schlumberger, Sontex and Viterra Energy Services) established the RADIAN Association in order to develop and promote a low-power radio communication protocol called RADIAN.

Subsequently joined by companies from all over Europe, RADIAN is now the only association on the continent to have an established radio communications protocol in the field of meter reading, offering interoperability between installed equipment.

The technical specifications of the RADIAN 433 MHz protocol, now also running at 868 MHz, led to a collective publication based on the joint expertise of the biggest European market operators in 1999 for the 433 MHz protocol, and in 2000/2001 for the 868 MHz version. The characteristics of the RADIAN 868 MHz protocol have provided substantial inputs to the European standard for this category within TC 294, WG5. Today, the Association has established its test process and is able to issue its compatibility label for the RADIAN 433 MHz protocol. The protocol will allow ‘two-channel’ communication to enhance reliability and durability of automatic meter readings.

In Metz, France, a pilot project is underway. EDF GDF SERVICES is experimenting with remote radio reading of 20,000 gas meters equipped with a magnet, subsequently designed to receive a transmitter. This results from technological and industrial co-operation between the main players – Itron, Schlumberger, Magnol, EDF and GDF – working together as part of the RADIAN Association. The French public operator has opted for technology which is likely to become a European standard, allowing competition for the supply of equipment (meters and modules) and ensuring guaranteed durability and the stability of a non-proprietary solution for both operator and user.

This pilot project will enable RADIAN Association members to confirm, on an experimental but significant scale, all their work over the last two years. It will open the way in Europe for remote meter reading by low-power radio technology based on the RADIAN 433 MHz protocol.

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