Radiocrafts and Kamstrup announce interoperability for new low power metering standard


Peder Martin
Evjen, Managing
Director, Radiocrafts
Oslo, Norway and Skanderborg, Denmark — (METERING.COM) — June 9, 2011 – Compact RF module provider Radiocrafts AS and utility meter manufacturer Kamstrup have announced interoperability for the new Compact mode (C-mode) in EN 13757-4:2010.

The new C-mode has been specified to reduce the power consumption and increase the lifetime of battery operated utility meters. The two companies have actively participated in the revision of the EN 13757-4 European norm for wireless meter reading. This work has led to a very efficient communication mode for battery operated utility meters.

Compared to previous modes the new C-mode offers a new physical layer with optimized data coding giving an increased throughput of more than 50 percent for meter transmissions and over 200 percent for communication to the meter. A new optimized link layer and compression of data in the application layer gives further increase in data throughput, and hence increased battery lifetime. A new optimized encryption scheme also has been implemented to increase the security of the data communication and ensure privacy of the consumer.

The new C-mode is supported in the MULTICAL_21 ultrasonic water meters from Kamstrup and the RC1180-MBUS module from Radiocrafts.

“By announcing support for the new C-mode in our Wireless M-Bus stack, we have again demonstrated our technological leadership in embedded wireless solutions for AMR,” said Peder Martin Evjen, managing director of Radiocrafts. “We are happy to bring the benefits of the new low power mode to the market by showing interoperability with Kamstrup.”

“Achieving interoperability with Radiocrafts has been important for us to show acceptance of the new standard, which truly demonstrate a remarkable increase in the lifetime of battery operated meters in AMR systems”, added Lars Bo Kristensen, division director of Kamstrup.