Radiocrafts releases Sigfox-certified module for IoT

Radiocrafts’ Sigfox-certified module operates on ultra-narrowband technology enabling high spectral efficiency and regulates temperature to ensure operation over the full industrial temperature range (-40 to +85°C)

Norwegian provider of RF modules and wireless connectivity solutions Radiocrafts this week announced the release of its Sigfox-certified module for Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

According to a statement, the new Radiocrafts Sigfox Ready radio module for IoT “has been certified to assure optimal connectivity performance on the Sigfox global network.”

The company adds that the marrying of the Sigfox-certified module with the Sigfox global network affords IoT adopters low-cost, low-power and out-of-the-box wireless connectivity for varied IoT applications.

Interoperability for IoT

The radio module operates on ultra-narrowband (UNB) technology, ensuring full compatibility with the IoT Sigfox network, said Peder Martin Evjen, managing director of Radiocrafts.

He said: “The Sigfox approach is a complement to our existing offerings for low-power wireless solutions, with the benefit of using an existing infrastructure with wide area coverage.

Mr Evjen added: “Ultra-Narrow Band is a preferred radio technology for the global Internet of Things as it offers cost-effective and energy-efficient connectivity as well as robust coexistence”.

The RC1682 module is embedded with Sigfox protocol, providing a robust data link and can be easily added to sensor monitoring or control applications.

Operating on a ultra-narrowband technology allows the radio module to offer “high spectral efficiency, with temperature stabilised crystal oscillators to ensure reliable operation over the full industrial temperature range, -40 to +85°C,” claims Radiocrafts.

The company said the new RC1682 module has been created for one-way as well as two-way IoT applications, where devices may be spread over a large geographical area.

Stuart Lodge, executive vice president of global sales and partners, commented: “Sigfox works closely with providers of enabling technologies to certify their devices and make it easy for customers to adopt the IoT via the [Sigfox] network.”