Real time appliance monitoring and itemised billing a step closer in U.K.


Oxford, U.K. — (METERING.COM) — October 15, 2009 – Real time appliance monitoring and itemised billing has moved one step closer in the U.K. following an extended system trial in consumers’ homes.

The solution from Intelligent Sustainable Energy (ISE), a spin out company formed between Oxford University and Navetas Energy Management Ltd, involves an intelligent energy monitor that connects to the energy supply at a single point in the home. Using patented artificial intelligence developed at the University of Oxford, the system analyses the electricity supply and calculates the power consumption of each appliance without the need for any other sensors or plugs.

The system could be installed in the home through a new smart meter, which the government has recently mandated to be fitted in every household in the UK by 2020.

The results of the trials show that ISE can identify where 90 percent of the energy is consumed within the home. This includes a range of appliances including ovens, fridges, washing machines, dishwashers, tumble dryers, kettles, toasters and lighting.

Once the system is installed, consumers will be able to see real time energy usage information by appliance from an in-home display. Consumers will also be able to track their usage over days, weeks and months, creating for the first time itemised energy bills, similar to those that has been provided by the telecommunications industry to consumers for a number of years.

Such a display is Navetas’ new Zeo Smart Hub, which provides a communications gateway and functional console for electricity, gas and water metering. The Hub interfaces with current basic certified meters available from meter manufacturers, thereby offering an extremely low cost and effective smart metering solution.

The Zeo Hub is intelligently designed to deliver a user friendly display, secure GPRS communications, credit, prepayment and pay as you go applications, the ability to handle complex time of use tariffs, remotely configurable and is easy and low cost to install.

Additionally, as research and development in new smart metering and smart grid applications has never been greater, to anticipate future requirements two upgrade ports are included that allow for simple “plug in” modules to be easily fitted by consumers for new applications as standard.  

The Zeo Hub incorporates ISE’s appliance monitoring technology as an optional specification.