REE and EVE to develop electricity demand management pilot in Basque Country


Madrid, Spain — (METERING.COM) — January 25, 2012 – Spain’s network operator Red Eléctrica de España (REE) and the Ente Vasco de la Energía (EVE) are to develop a demand management pilot project involving the industrial small business customers (SMEs) in the Basque Country.

This pilot project will take place over one year and will require an estimated investment of €510,000.

The project seeks to evaluate the technical feasibility in order to qualify demand management services in Basque Country industrial SMEs, in a way similar to that in which large industries already participate in the electricity system.

While to date only the large industries have had the possibility of offering these services, the majority of the Basque industries are SMEs, whose consumption is significant when considered as a whole, but extremely fragmented and non-visible for the electricity system when considered individually.

The companies that participate in the project will be equipped with metering and communication systems that integrate into a node or Demand Control Center (CECODE) and therefore provide demand management services.

By means of this service, electricity demand can be managed, in an aggregate fashion, as the SMEs make a part of the energy they consume available to REE.

The pilot project will be developed in the following stages: design and specifications of the metering and communication equipment; acquisition and installation of the equipment; implementation of the service, running of tests and, finally, analysis of results and the drafting of procedures.

These stages, as a whole, will be carried out over a period of a year. The results should permit the technical feasibility of demand management services for SMEs to be verified, as well as to put in place the procedures for their integration as a service for system operation.