Relkia and Arkossa finalise first-in-the-world value-added smart metering rollout


Relkia Distribuidora de Electricidad (Relkia), part of the REPSOL Group, and Arkossa Smart Solutions (Arkossa) announce that they have successfully finalised the complete rollout of Relkia’s new digital electricity network in the Puertollano area, Ciudad Real, Spain. The result is a 100% operational network regarding readings and the remote control of 100% of the meters.

Arkossa has carried out a deployment service with added value, replacing the existing proprietary PLC protocol meters with the new PRIME meters, with greater efficiency and performance.

The value-added deployment system used to replace the new meters makes it possible to verify the quality levels of the network as it is deployed, guaranteeing the full operations of the entire network throughout the process.

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These new meters represent an important technological breakthrough compared to the previous ones, that allow a better response to the demands of the administration and the system operator in terms of data transmission and readings control.

They also allow greater security control as well as a significant improvement in communications, avoiding readings’ failures and improving accessibility to consumer information. For Relkia it is one more step towards improving the service provided since this new technology makes it possible to respond quickly to customer demands by the DSO (Relkia) and allow future adaptations to regulatory changes.

Víctor Domínguez, CEO of Arkossa, commented: “The strong transformation that the electricity distribution sector is experiencing with the arrival of the smart metering networks requires the transformation of how their deployments, operation and maintenance are carried out and, this is a good example of it. With our deployment service with added value we have achieved a significant reduction in Relkia’s operating costs.”

Arkossa continues now to support Relkia with OMSDEN (Operations & Maintenance Service of the Digital Electricity Network) providing the required services to maintain continuously their network at the highest operating level.