Renesas receives full accreditation for powerline modem solutions

Renesas receives full accreditation for G3-PLC modem solutions
OFDM powerline (PLC) modem covers all frequency bands, including ARIB (Japan Route B), Cenelec A and FCC.

Japanese semiconductor company, Renesas Electronics  has announced the certification of the second generation of its OFDM powerline (PLC) modem for worldwide frequency bands.

Renesas is the first supplier to achieve certifications for all frequency bands, defined by the G3-PLC Alliance, including ARIB (Japan Route B), Cenelec A and FCC.

G3-PLC is a technology able to address the

challenges of powerline communications in the harsh, dynamic environments, found in metering applications.

G3-PLC is able to help combat external disturbances and make efficient use of the available spectrum, through the use of dedicated modulation methodologies.

System architecture

The PLC modem uses innovative implementation technologies, integrating a MAC controller and high performance digital signal processor – covering physical layer implementation.

In addition, an adaptive gain amplifier embedded within the device’s embedded analogue front end (AFE), ensures highest signal quality and unique sensitivity characteristics in PLC communications.

The flexible system architecture supports multiple standards and frequency bands with a single device.

In addition, Renesas’ PLC evaluation tool (YCONNECT-IT-PLC-CPX2), allows customers to evaluate the PLC solution and can be used for its development.

G3-PLC’s certification programme launched in 2014, allows firms to guarantee the correct implementation of the G3-PLC specifications, as well as the performance and the interoperability of the products.