Sacha Deshmukh to head Britain’s Smart Meter Central Delivery Body


Sacha Deshmukh has been appointed as chief executive of Britain’s Smart Meter Central Delivery Body, the new organization responsible for delivering consumer engagement during the nationwide rollout of smart meters.

Deshmukh is an expert in consumer issues and marketing. He is a Board Trustee of Citizens Advice England & Wales and a non-executive Director of Consumer Futures. Until summer 2012 he was Senior Partner of the Engine Group, the U.K.’s largest independent marketing services group.   

“We have a unique opportunity, but also a clear responsibility, to create strong and widespread consumer confidence and support for the benefits of smart meters,” said Deshmukh. “I want to build an organization that will be innovative in the ways that it engages consumers, and ensure that the benefits of smart meters reach all consumers including those from vulnerable and low income communities.”    

Deshmukh will take up the appointment on August 27, 2013.