SaskPower launches online tool to boosts consumer energy efficiency


In a press statement, the utility said it unveiled the energy efficiency assessment tool for consumers to better understand their monthly energy consumption and identify energy efficiency potentials.

The free online tool makes use of consumer energy consumption data entered by users, to calculate and provide them with a breakdown of their energy usage and tips on how to limit their energy consumption to reduce bills.

The tool compares consumer energy consumption levels with calculated energy efficiency potential to provide users with recommendations on which SaskPower energy efficiency programme they should register with.

According to SaskPower, consumers can use the technology to understand how weather conditions affect their energy consumption. [SaskPower to reinstall smart meters in 2018].

In other news, a new gas and electricity company has been launched in the UK.

According to the Sun, the utility Pure Planet is a 100% renewable energy supplier launched with the aim to reduce energy tariffs offered by UK’s largest utilities British Gas, EDF Energy, Npower, E.ON UK, Scottish Power and SSE by 20%.

Pure Planet operates from an online application on which consumers register to be members and subscribe £10 fee per fuel charge on a monthly basis to access wholesale electricity and gas.

Andrew Ralston, Pure Planet’s co-founder, said: “Pure Planet is designed to give Britain’s 28 million consumers fresh, clean 100 per cent renewable energy for a lower price than power that pollutes.

“From now on, there’s no excuse not to choose renewable energy. It’s now cheaper, and much better value than the alternative.”

The utility will use artificial intelligence for its customer services.

Management of consumer energy consumption

Meanwhile, in the US, Missouri River Energy Services selected cloud-based demand side management solutions firm energyOrbit to help its members manage their energy efficiency projects.

In a press statement, Missouri River Energy Services (MRES) said it selected energyOrbit’s demand side management platform to automate recording and management of energy efficiency projects being deployed by the agency’s 60 member municipal utilities under the Bright Energy Solutions programme. Read more…


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