Saving energy like the neighbours? ONZO’s new energy advice solution


Energy advice solution compare energy usage with householdsUK energy data analytics company ONZO launched a new highly personalised energy advice solution (HPEA)this week that aims to help utilities engage customers with energy management.

The cloud-based solution can analyze data from all sources such as manually read meters, smart meters, sensors and customer access devices.

Insights from the data can then be packaged into the utility’s existing, branded customer touch points such as bills, web pages and smart phone apps, said ONZO in a statement.

Playing on customer behaviour

ONZO said the solution combines behavioural science and leading edge big data approaches including comparing customers’ energy use with similar households and the specific actions they should take to change consumption.

The product evolved because in “the past five years we have seen huge growth in demand for energy efficiency advice solutions from consumers and utilities alike”, said Will Siddall, chief information officer.

Mr Siddall said: “We believe HPEA provides a step-change in capabilities in this area, for the first time combining historic and neighbour-comparison information with sophisticated insights about appliance-level usage, and targeted prescriptive advice.

“From the outset we have built HPEA to deliver a highly personalised customer experience, to integrate into utility company customer touch-points rather than replicate them, and to help drive trust and retention as well as energy savings.”

ONZO’s HPEA is already deployed with Dutch smart home company Bundles, and is being trialled and evaluated by utilities in the UK, Western Europe and the US.

Energy management market

The launch follows two other energy management tools making news this month.

In the Netherlands, energy company NLE has gone live with a mobile-device monitoring application for households with smart electric and gas meters.

And another European energy solutions company Smappee has taken its home energy management system into the US in a bid to tap into the growing monitoring market.

Smappee’s tool is aimed at any energy consumer looking to monitor their electricity consumption, control appliances remotely as well as measure the productivity of solar panels and improve home security, the company said in a statement.

(Pic credit: Prudential)