Scottish and Southern Energy introduces advanced payment plans


Alistair Phillips-Davies,
Energy Supply Director,
Perth, U.K. — (METERING.COM) — August 4, 2009 – Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) has introduced two new advanced payment methods that will offer customers up to 10 percent discount on their energy bills if they pay for their energy in advance.

The basic “advanced pay” plan allows customers to pay for a year’s energy upfront and receive an 8 percent discount off their energy bill for doing so. The customer’s energy costs during the year will be deducted from this advance payment. At the end of the year customers will be offered the opportunity to make a new advance payment or to cancel the plan and revert to their previous payment method.

The premium “advanced pay” plan offers customers a 10 percent discount if they pay for a year’s energy upfront and continue paying towards their second year’s energy bill by paying by direct debit each month. At the end of the year customers will have the option to continue paying by direct debit and maintain the discount for another year, or to cancel the direct debit so that the credit balance is used to pay the following year’s energy bills.

In both cases the year’s energy will be calculated as an average, based on previous and/or current usage information.

Customers may choose to leave a plan at any time, in which case either they would be offered a refund of any remaining balance or asked to top up the advance payment to cover the cost of any extra energy that has been used.
“The idea of paying for products in advance, and receiving a discount for doing so, will be a familiar concept for many of our customers and it is something we know they are interested in being able to do when it comes to paying for energy,” said Alistair Phillips-Davies, Energy Supply Director of SSE. “With interest rates an at all time low, it makes sense for customers to look for ways that enable them to get the most out of their money.”