Scottish Power to create new revenue stream


In the UK, Scottish Power partnered with Domestic and General to expand services in the smart connected home and energy sectors.

Under the partnership, Domestic and General will launch new smart home appliances under the Scottish Power brand in 2018.

The two companies are developing and will launch new services and technologies which will help accelerate the adoption of existing offerings in the smart connected home, electric vehicles and smart home protection sectors.

The partnership is part of efforts by Scottish Power to provide innovative solutions, improve customer services and generate sustainable revenue streams.

The utility is promising a number of partnerships with new IoT solutions providers in 2018 to make its services smarter and greener.

The news follows the installation of 1 million smart meters and 2GW of wind generation resources.

BNeil Clitheroe, CEO of Retail at ScottishPower, said: “The energy retail market in the UK is dramatically changing as we digitise and modernise the hardware and software that support our customers. Billions of pounds are being invested in smart meters, greener energy and smarter grids – and we want customers to benefit fully from these improvements.

“We speak to our customers every day, and we have the most engaged customer base of the larger companies. This has helped us to lead the industry in switching people away from standard tariffs, but we also know that they expect more from us than just a supply of gas and electricity.

Smart meter installation deadlines

Deploying smart meters at a much faster pace than before has been one of the main focus of Scottish Power in 2017. An increase in the speed will help the energy provider to meet deadlines set by Ofgem and avoid penalties for failing to meet targets.

In March, Scottish Power selected engineering solutions firm Actavo for the installation of one million smart meters over a period of five years in east Midlands and east England. Read more…


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