Scottish Power to develop a smart grid in Glasgow


ScottishPower is set to embark on a pioneering project of completely revolutionising the electricity network in Glasgow by developing the UK’s largest smart grid.

As part of the Clyde Gateway project, a regeneration scheme in the east end of Glasgow, ScottishPower is already developing a localised smart grid proposal where next generation technology is being developed and trials are being carried out.

The company has set up a dedicated team of engineers to work on the concept, using its own investment as well as seeking funds from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and the energy regulator Ofgem, through an application for £6 million from the Low Carbon Investment Fund. The ambition is to demonstrate the latest smart grid technology and use the learning to develop proposals for wider and larger scale smart grid applications across Glasgow and the company’s UK operations.

ScottishPower also plans to increase its trials of smart meters, which will be an essential part of the smart grid concept. The company has had smart meters under test in just under 1,000 homes for the past two years, and now intends to instal up to a further 100,000 smart meters over the next two years, before the full UK rollout begins in 2012.