Scottish & Southern Energy and Onzo win grant to deliver heating and hot water control through the smart grid


Alistair Phillips-Davies,
Energy Supply Director,
London, U.K. — (METERING.COM) — September 15, 2010 – British utility Scottish & Southern Energy (SSE) and customer intelligence solutions provider Onzo have been awarded a grant by the government-funded Technology Strategy Board to maximize heating and hot water efficiency through the smart grid.

The project, Heating and Hot Water Control over the Smart Meter Infrastructure (HAWCS), will develop a low cost mass market solution to enable consumers to more accurately control and manage their hot water and heating requirements.

By setting hot water and heating preferences, either online or through a smart phone, the system will automatically adjust heating or water settings in response to the home’s changing energy requirements.

Led by SSE, Project HAWCS will not only enable homeowners to cut the cost of their energy bills, but will also give them greater convenience, peace of mind and higher levels of comfort in the home.

As the low cost device will be tailored to individual homes, utility companies will also benefit by being able to attract and retain new customers through personalized energy packages, increased customer engagement and improved service levels.

“Up to 75 percent of a home’s energy consumption is attributed to heating and hot water, so improved control of domestic boilers is paramount to increasing household energy efficiency,” commented Alistair Phillips-Davies, energy supply director at SSE. “This project will provide homeowners with an economical and convenient way to take control of this cost, simply by using a smart phone or logging on to the internet.”

Project HAWCS follows Project Hydra (pg 126), a £2.3 million initiative to develop value added services through the smart meter network using healthcare as a test bed, led by Onzo and involving eight consortium members including SSE.

Later this month SSE will also be launching Onzo’s smart energy kit. The kit, which consists of an in-home display, sensor and website, provides consumers with information in real time about how much energy they are using and how much it is costing them, and also gives recommendations on how to reduce or change their consumption. The kit will be available from SSE as part of their pre-smart metering strategy.