ScottishPower launches ‘in home’ prepay service


The PowerPod 
Glasgow, U.K. — (METERING.COM) — October 1, 2009 – In partnership with one of its prepay (pay as you go) technology providers, ScottishPower has designed an innovative new application that will, for the first time in the U.K., allow prepayment customers the convenience of topping up the credit in their meters from home, via the internet.

The service allows customers to top up their meter credit directly from a secure internet page on ScottishPower’s website using a new plug-in device called a PowerPod.

The service and plug-in device will be available to all existing prepayment customers and also to any new customers.

The development of the innovative technology has been made possible by the recent completion of ScottishPower’s £50 million project to replace 340,000 ‘token’ prepayment meters with new, smarter, ‘key’ meters across its entire network area, the company said in a statement (see ScottishPower completes ‘key’ prepayment meter upgrade).

“The average prepayment customer tops-up credit at least once a week and, from our research, we know that a lot of journeys out of the home are made purely for the purposes of buying energy. Our new service is an additional payment method that will allow customers to manage their account in their own time, at their own convenience,” said Neil Clitheroe, customer services director at ScottishPower.

“ScottishPower has always taken an innovative approach to product development and continually strive to make managing their energy easier for our customers. Now we are delighted to be making things easier for our pay as you go customers, saving them the hassle and inconvenience of having to leave their home to pay for their electricity costs.”

The service will be available in early October 2009.