SELMA compliant metering equipment


GÖRLITZ AG has delivered SELMA compliant metering equipment to utilities RWE, EnBW and EAM. SELMA (secure electronic measurement data exchange) provides a security architecture supporting the authentication of measuring data, secure data access and the certification of software. GÖRLITZ’s meter data loggers confirm the validity of the metering data with electronic signatures, and the participating utilities will now start field trials with the new technology.

GÖRLITZ has completed the development of these data loggers, to be used for C&I and residential metering. The device, based on Skalar technology, integrates a signature chip to verify data communication. The receiving software can verify the authenticity of the files and the data integrity, using the electronic signature created by Skalar.

The device conforms to the DLMS/COSEM standards and offers load profile recording from 1 to 60 minute intervals. The pulse inputs comply with the SO standards in electricity metering, and the NAMUR standard in gas metering. RWE, EnBW and EAM will test the devices in field trials lasting the rest of the year.