Sentec and EDMI partner to develop next generation smart gas meters


Mark England,
CEO, Sentec
Cambridge, U.K. — (METERING.COM) — December 20, 2011 – Sentec and smart meter solution provider EDMI have entered into a partnership to jointly develop a smart gas meter, based on Sentec’s gas meter technology, Lattice.

The collaboration will develop smart gas meters for markets in Europe, Australasia and Asia, where a number of territories are already planning for large scale gas meter deployments.  The mass phase of the U.K. smart gas meter roll out is scheduled to begin in 2014.  

“Sentec is delighted to partner with such an established and high quality meter provider as EDMI, commented Sentec CEO Mark England. “Combining Sentec and EDMI’s expertise creates the potential to provide a game changing gas metering product for residential markets moving to smart gas meter deployments.”

Lattice is a solid state technology that works by “marking” a band of gas and measuring its flow time between two points, from which the volume of gas flowing can be calculated.