Seville – focus for development of energy management platform for smart cities in Europe


Seville, Spain — (METERING.COM) — September 11, 2013 – The historic center of Seville is to be the focus for development of a technology platform for managing the energy in smart cities in Europe.

The €4 million initiative, named DAREED (Decision support Advisor for innovative business models and useR engagement for smart Energy Efficient Districts), will last for 3 years and includes participants from Germany, Great Britain, Italy and Spain.

Specifically DAREED aims at delivering an ICT service platform, along with tools for real time energy monitoring and management, to foster energy efficiency and low carbon activities at neighborhood, city and district levels. In addition to Seville, the technology will be piloted in the Italian city of Lizzanello and in Cambridge in Britain.

“DAREED will develop and integrate new technologies to offer a comprehensive energy management solution that can open new possibilities, and involve all stakeholders, from citizens to businesses and governments,” said José Luis Calvo, president of Seville-based Isotrol, which is the project coordinator.

It is envisaged that DAREED will comprise a control center from which the generation and consumption of energy is monitored in a part of or across a whole city, including data from sensors and smart meters. In addition it will be possible, for example to perform simulations of energy savings in buildings and make recommendations for savings.

DAREED is also expected to open the way to new business models. For example a consumer who voluntarily enrolls and selects improvements he or she would like to make to a home or business, could then receive offers from energy efficiency companies.

Participants in DAREED include Enel, the German technology companies Cleopa GmbH and Open Experience, the universities of Bologna and Brunel, the Andaluz Institute of Technology in Spain, the Italian Engineering, Design and Materials Technology Center, the Karlsruher Institute for Technology in Germany, and the city authorities of Seville, Lizzanello and Cambridge.

DAREED, which formally started September 1, is being supported with €2.9 million from the European Commission under the FP7 program.