Scotia Gas Networks selects Orbital gas metering skids


In the UK, gas systems integrator, Orbital this week won a contract with utility, Scotia Gas Networks (SGN) for the provision of large-scale metering skids.

Under the £1,4 million ($2 million) contract, Orbital will design, develop and supply two gas metering skids for installation at Tatsfield AGI in England by September 2016, and at Drum AGI in Scotland in early 2017. The installation will include a 24″ gas metering skid and a 16″ gas metering skid respectively.

In a press statement, SGN said the skids will be utilised to accurately meter gas at points where the two distribution networks import gas from the UK transmission network before distribution to domestic customers.

SGN manages 5.8 million gas metering points in the south of England, Ireland and Scotland.

William Clough, CEO of CUI Global, owners of Orbital, said the contract is part of the company’s efforts to “… partner with the UK’s and Europe’s largest natural gas operators in their efforts to provide more and better energy sources to their customers, while reducing carbon emissions and providing environmentally sensitive energy solutions.”

Smart gas metering in the UK

Late January, Smart Metering Systems (SMS) announced it won five deals with energy providers to supply smart meters to residential and small business consumers in the UK.

Under the deals, SMS said it will provide smart gas and electricity meters to 386,000 metering points collectively owned by RHE, Green Energy, Flow Energy, Spark Energy and Our Power in Britain, according to news source Business Green.

Alan Foy, chief executive officer at SMS, said: “These new independent suppliers are part of the fastest-growing segment of the retail energy supply.”

The development came at a time SMS is one of four businesses currently offering Meter Asset Manager (MAM) services, which energy suppliers are required by regulation to appoint to carry out the installations.

MAM is a flexible software solution for managing customer portfolios.