Siemens and Allgäuer Überlandwerk collaborate on smart grid project


The egrid project is puporsed for the implement the results from IRENE and IREN2, two joint smart grid research projects in Wildpoldsried.

Allgäuer Überlandwerk GmbH serves 87,000 private households and commercial customers in much of the Allgäu region. Allgäu is a region in Swabia in southern Germany. It covers the south of Bavarian Swabia, southeastern Baden-Württemberg and parts of Austria.

The joint venture is expected to offer innovative consulting services for distribution grid operators.

The primary focus areas of the project will be the integration of large capacities from distributed generation plants and intelligent control of the distribution grid.

Establishing the ‘grid of the future’

Michael Schneider, head of the Power Technologies International (PTI) Business Segment within the Siemens Energy Management Division was reported saying,”The results of the two research projects IRENE and IREN2 have far exceeded our expectations.

“I am very pleased about this, and it is an ideal starting point for our new joint venture. Other grid operators will now be able to profit from our distributed infeed and storage solutions. It’s from real-life practice and for real-life practice. Together with Allgäuer Überlandwerk, we are thus actively supporting the transition to a new energy mix.”

Michael Lucke, managing director of Allgäuer Überlandwerk GmbH, commented: “The results from the Wildpoldsried project and other egrid customers have shown that the power grid has much larger reserves than previously thought. This finding and the knowledge of why this is true form the basis for our joint venture with Siemens.”

Bernhard Rindt, managing director of egrid applications and consulting GmbH, added:”Egrid has demonstrated very positive growth in its first fiscal year.”

“Our customers include public works, municipalities and industrial enterprises who have benefited from our experience gained through the IRENE and
IREN2 projects. With Siemens as our partner, we will be able to expand this knowledge and offer new joint solutions for the grid of the future.”


Image credit: 123rf