Siemens brings smart metering one step closer with partner ElectraLink


Dave Mutton, CEO,
October 5, 2009 – Siemens has developed a service that could bring forward the timeline for the introduction and benefits of smart metering in the UK.

Working in partnership with ElectraLink, the providers of the Data Transfer Service in the electricity market, and with technology partners Software AG and eMeter, Siemens has developed a demonstration system to show how a central communications gateway could provide access to, and control of, smart meters.

Kevin Tutton, UK Director of Siemens Metering Services says “Siemens is delighted to be leading the way on realising the benefits of smart metering by bringing key players together to provide a solution which will enable the industry to move forward positively through a period of significant change.”

The ElectraLink Smart Metering Interoperability Portal (SMIPTM) concept was proposed in 2008 to provide a solution to the challenge of smart metering in the highly deregulated UK market. As the Government has progressed the debate, the solution has focused on the SMIP model by calling for a central communications provider to coordinate data and processes in the smart meter world.

However, the complexities of the national roll-out mean that it will be several years before the new model to support smart meters can be realised. By providing an interim service that supports access to the functionality of smart meters, before any mandated solution is launched, Siemens and its partners have bridged that gap.  

The new service not only enables energy suppliers to bring forward their plans for smart meter rollout but also allows customers to better understand and reduce their energy consumption and carbon output.

“Our partnership with Siemens has really moved things forward”, says Dave Mutton, ElectraLink CEO. “We are now no longer debating the future world, we are delivering it. ElectraLink has a strong reputation for quality of service and we look forward to extending this into the exciting world of opportunities that smart metering opens up”.

Jim Shaw, Energy and Utilities Specialist at Software AG concludes that "Software AG is pleased to be enabling this innovation which is fuelling the introduction of smart meter technology to the UK utility market.  Our partnership is helping accelerate this process whilst minimising the risk – enabling providers to move quickly so that consumers can reap the benefits of smart metering.”