Siemens adds big data to smart grid application


Siemens said the integration of big data option to EnergyIP Analytics will give utilities and grid operators insights on smart grid data for grid management, reliability and efficiency, according to a company statement.

The integration will allow the analytics application to utilize various big data options for administering smart meter gateways and meter data processing for external market participants on the German market.

Siemens claims the development will result in finely granulated data for functionalities including energy theft and overloaded distribution equipment detections through grid load analysis, grid incident analysis and end-customer consumption load analysis.

The inclusion of the big data option will also allow the creation of load forecasts for different levels in the distribution grid as well as an analysis of distributed energy resources.

Siemens said it will continuously upgrade EnergyIP Analytics and plans to include new standard Business Intelligence (BI) reports and supporting applications into the smart grid solution.

To date, EnergyIP Analytics is used by more than 50 Siemens customers with a total of 28m installed smart meters and 1.4m Siprotec devices from Siemens.

Smart grid development

The development follows early February’s partnership between Siemens, Canadian power utility New Brunswick Power (NB Power) and the University of New Brunswick (UNB) to support the development of smart grids.

The collaboration saw the launch of the Smart Grid Innovation Network (SGIN) in Fredericton, Canada.

According to Siemens, the SGIN will provide a platform for businesses to design, develop and test smart grid-related products and services.

The SGIN will assist developers to further develop and market smart grid technology for implementation on a global scale.

Research, development and testing of new smart grid concepts will be held under the Smart Grid Research Lab at UNB whilst the Interoperability Lab at Siemens will allow conduction of R&D and allow vendors to test interoperability of various smart grid services.

Products and Services Lab at NB Power will conduct R&D, utility grid interoperability testing, and support acceptance testing by validating product requirements and compliance readiness.

SGIN will host workshops to allow interaction between local and global companies for developed smart grid technology demonstration.

Siemens announced it will invest more than CAD$1m while NB Power expects to invest CAD$2 million and UNB will invest CAD$2 million in cash.