Single jet meter for large billing applications

Actaris, a leading supplier in global metering with over 20 years’ experience in single jet design and manufacturing, has recently launched a new single jet meter 150mm as part of its Flostar M range. Featuring a patented innovative semiparabolic turbine, the Flostar M DN150 optimises its low flow performance whilst having a significant peak flow capacity that ensures a complete and efficient measurement whatever the flow rates faced. This results in a dynamic range of 630 (Q3/Q1) according to the new Measuring Instruments Directive (MID).

Because performance over time is a key requirement for efficient billing, the Flostar M features a patented turbine ball pivot, enhancing endurance at low flow rates, and a hydrodynamic balance bringing resistance at high and peak flows. The meter also has new mobile flanges that allow it to be installed in a range of conditions, and always in a horizontal position.