London, U.K. — (METERING.COM) — April 28, 2011 – Six projects have been submitted by Britain’s network operators to compete for the second annual allocation of funding for “flagship” smart grid projects from the Low Carbon Networks Fund.

Up to £64 million is being made available annually over 5 years for these projects, out of a total £500 million fund. In the first round last year, four projects from CE Electric, UK Power Networks, Central Networks and Western Power Distribution were awarded almost £62 million.

The six projects are as follows.

Western Power Distribution (East Midlands) is requesting £12.8 million for a “Flexible approaches for low carbon optimized networks” project, which is aimed at delivering new methods, including a set of industry best practice guidelines, for mitigating predicted network constraints, particularly on the 11 kV network.

Western Power Distribution is also requesting £2.23 million for a “Buildings, renewables and integrated storage, with tariffs to overcome network limitations” (BRISTOL) project in the southwest, which would implement demand response measures to enable the distribution network to respond to low carbon stresses. As part of the project, Bristol City Council has guaranteed funding of £1 million to install photovoltaic (PV) generation on a number of local schools.

UK Power Networks is requesting £7 million for a “Flexible plug and play low carbon networks” project, which is aimed at facilitating the connection of renewable generation to the network using different technologies and via modeling.

Scottish and Southern Energy is requesting £25 million for its “New Thames Valley vision” – an evolution of its 2010 project bid, which seeks to demonstrate how a network operator can prepare to meet “low carbon customer” demands at lowest cost, without imposing delays or affecting quality of supply.

Scottish Power Energy Networks is requesting £6 million for a “Flexible networks for a low carbon future” project, which is aimed at developing and demonstrating solutions based on novel technologies that can increase the capacity headroom of the network to defer or avoid the need for reinforcement.

Electricity North West Limited is requesting £10.1 million for a “Capacity to customers” project, which is aimed at developing a solution to release spare network capacity through adaptive network automation and real time demand and/or generation side management.

The submissions will now be screened by Ofgem, which manages the Fund, to ensure they meet the eligibility requirements. Thereafter full bids for the projects are due by August 18, and Ofgem expects to announce the awards in November/December.