Slovakian utility issues tender for supply of energy meters


In Europe, Slovakia electricity distributor Stredoslovenska Energetika–Distribucia (Central Energy – Distribution), has issued a tender for the supply of static electricity LV single phase and three phase direct measurement meters.

The deadline date for submission of proposals to supply the meters for 48 months from the date of contract signing is 10 November, 2016.

Interested parties are requested to contact Miroslav Stasinka at Stredoslovenská energetika – Distribúcia, 010 47 Žilina, Slovakia, telephone: +421 41 519 2929 or on e-mail:

The Central Energy-Distribution company

The Stredoslovenska Energetika– Distribucia is an electricity distribution company operating in the central European country’s Žilina and Banská, Bystrica regions, together with a portion of Trenčín region.

The distributor has a customer base of 690,000 businesses and households consumers.

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