Slovenian rail system equipped with high tech metering technology


The Slovenian railway system Slovenske í…½eleznice has begun a project for energy data collection and engine position data collection for the management of energy on moving engines. The main objective is the precise and timely capturing of data for the calculation of energy consumption and energy cost for each train, whether it is travelling within Slovenia or outside the country’s borders. This information allows the cost allocation to single transportation tasks, while providing the basis for accurate forecasting for new jobs.

A GPS receiver is mounted on the roof of the train’s engine. It delivers minute-by-minute information about the absolute position of the engine, the direction of movement and the speed. The power installation of the train engine and active transducers convert the 3000 V of the engine supply into a voltage suitable for the measurement units and the feeding current into a signal compatible with metering inputs. A metering box includes the energy meter (EM4T, manufactured by LEM) the data transfer device Skalar, which enables the data and information collection and performs as an intelligent platform (a GÖRLITZ solution) and the necessary power supply for the equipment.

This is the third such large installation at European railway companies for GÖRLITZ, based in Koblenz, Germany, which has already successfully completed projects in Austria and Switzerland.