Smart and super grid research unit to be opened by DNV KEMA


Bjørn Haugland,
Chief Technology
Officer, DNV
Arnhem, the Netherlands — (METERING.COM) — February 5, 2013 – A new strategic research unit focused exclusively on the further development of smart grids and super grids is to be opened by DNV at DNV KEMA’s global headquarters in Arnhem, the Netherlands.

As the world prepares for an energy transition towards the low carbon economy, the share of renewables in the fuel mix is expected to grow strongly over the next decades. Smart grids and super grids are key elements and a prerequisite to integrate such large scale renewable energy in the future energy system.

“By opening up a strategic research unit for smart grids and super grids in Arnhem, DNV is preparing the practices and tools we need to meet the growing demand as well as facilitate the integration of large scale renewable energy to the grids,” said Bjørn Haugland, chief technology officer of DNV and member of the supervisory board of DNV KEMA.

The success of the transition towards a sustainable energy system depends to a large extent on how the existing and new energy systems fit together. The call from different stakeholders in the global energy sector for grid flexibility and enabling power transport and distribution technologies, such as energy storage, smart grids and the expansion of the infrastructure with ultra high voltage lines is evident, as they enable the energy transition.

Facilitation of the different energy sources to the grid requires significant investments in knowledge development, testing, and in setting up trial projects. DNV’s strategic research unit is aimed to translate research knowledge into practical solutions and provide results to make the right decisions.

This supplements a November 2012 announcement by DNV KEMA to invest €70 million in the expansion of its high power lab in Arnhem for testing at 800 kV+ levels.