Smart Cities Index pioneered with application in Spain


Roberta Bigliani,
Head Europe,
Middle East, Africa,
IDC Energy Insights
Milan, Italy — (METERING.COM) — November 17, 2011 – A Smart Cities Index has been developed by IDC Energy Insights, in collaboration with other divisions of International Data Corporation (IDC), to independently analyze the evolution of the smart cities concept and smart city demonstration projects around the world.

The Index is based on so called “smartness building blocks.” These include “smart dimensions,” which are the domains for which smart initiatives can be developed and deployed, and “enabling forces,” which are the factors that can create more attractive conditions for successful implementations.

The Index then comprises a straight ranking from a (weighted) combination of the scores of the enabling forces and smartness dimension blocks, and a matrix plotting the cities based on their separate enabling forces and smartness dimension scores.

To pioneer the Index, IDC Energy Insights has ranked and compared Spanish cities on five smart dimensions – smart government, smart buildings, smart mobility, smart energy and environment, and smart services – and three enabling forces – people, economy, and information and communication technologies. These in turn give rise to 23 evaluation criteria with a set of 94 indicators.

Applied to the 44 biggest cities in Spain by population (those with more than 150,000 inhabitants), the top ranked smart cities emerge as Malaga, Barcelona, Santander, Madrid and Donostia-San Sebastián. Further, below these in clusters can be identified 10 “contenders,” 21 “players” and eight “followers,” the latter with below average scores in all smartness blocks.

“Smart cities are emerging as holistic playgrounds for low carbon economies, creating synergies and fulfilling the interests of stakeholders of both the private and public sectors,” commented Roberta Bigliani, head of Europe, Middle East, and Africa for IDC Energy Insights, who led the development of the Smart Cities Index. “As the city microcosm provides more immediate opportunities for innovation, the IDC Smart Cities Index was devised to help cities take an active role in and to invest in their future.”