Smart EV charging solution from Iskraemeco and Eneco/Utiliq


Rotterdam, The Netherlands — (METERING.COM)

A smart solution for the electric vehicle (EV) charging market has been developed by Dutch service provider Eneco/Utiliq and Slovenian smart metering provider Iskraemeco – and the first set of Iskraemeco smart meters has been delivered and installed at several locations in the Netherlands for the contract with Alphabet Car Leasing.

The Smart@home solution comprises an Iskraemeco smart meter, which is installed in the switchboard (at the grid connection) and is connected via the electricity cable to the charging wall box. The dedicated smart meter records the electricity usage of the charging EV at the wall box and sends the data – via a secure GPRS connection – to the meter data management platform. Within this platform this data is analyzed and transformed to separate charging transactions (time start/stop and volume in kWh).

With the installation of Iskraemeco smart meters that provide real-time insight into electricity usage of EV charging, a self-employed EV lease driver has the possibility to be reimbursed for the payment of tax (VAT). Via the smart meter the car manufacturer is also able to monitor the charging processes in detail for technical purposes (5 minute data regarding voltage and usage of electricity). Last but not least, the car manufacturer can offer the EV driver a 100% zero emission proposition so the driver can compensate the used electricity with 100% renewable energy.