Smart gas metering to go ahead in Italy


Alessandro Ortis,
President, AEEG
Milan, Italy — (METERING.COM) — October 27, 2008 – Italian utilities will have to replace a total of 20 million gas meters with smart gas meters to meet the European Union standards and improve efficiency of gas distribution.

Guidelines (ARG/gas 155/08) were released last week by the electricity and gas authority (Autorità per l’energia elettrica e il gas, AEEG), setting out minimum standards for remote reading and management of gas meters.

The AEEG will investigate if any steps are necessary for regulating access to the electricity grid for implementation of a remote metering and management system for gas and for the introduction of indicators and performance requirements of such systems, among other relevant rules. The Italian Gas Committee (Comitato Italiano Gas, CIG) is charged with authority for the development of the relevant standards.

Announcing the new measure, AEEG president, Alessandro Ortis, said the meters would be made available to all customers, both residential and industrial and would ensure a better quality of service and measurement.

Features will include an electronic valve for the remote disconnection of supply either for contractual or security reasons. Provision will be made for the possible future introduction of “corrections” to take account of the moment by moment variations in temperature and pressure.

The first meters are required to be introduced within 26 months for large users of gas and within 4 years for families.

A common set of benefits will be defined, which should be made available to consumers by all gas distributors, regardless of their size.

“The new meters will confirm the leadership position of Italy in innovation in metering systems adopted at national level,” said Ortis.