Smart grid demonstrations and support for Ireland


Fintan Slye,
Chief Executive,
Dublin, Ireland and Belfast, Northern Ireland — (METERING.COM) — December 4, 2012 – EirGrid and SONI, the respective electricity transmission system operators (TSOs) in Ireland and Northern Ireland, recently announced the smart grid concepts that will commence testing on the island’s power systems.

Two projects have been announced to date – the Greenway project by Glen Dimplex, and the Fast Frequency Response project by SSE Renewables and GE.

Earlier this year companies with a smart grid technology capability were invited to work with the TSOs to develop and trial their concepts. With the TSOs’ assistance it is envisaged that this would lead to refinements and innovation that enhance the technologies, as well as support the development of a smarter grid in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The Greenway project involves a number of local authorities and public institutions, including Dublin City Council, Fingal County Council, Dublin City University and Dublin Institute of Technology, which are combining to make up to 1,000 properties available to demonstrate how Glen Dimplex’s Quantum space and water heating system can be used to remotely switch on and off a distributed population of energy stores in response to an operational command.

The SSE Renewables/GE fast frequency response project aims to demonstrate GE’s WindINERTIA™ control, which enables a temporary increase in wind turbine electrical power output over a short period of time in response to an under frequency event, thus enhancing grid stability.

“EirGrid and SONI are committed to ensuring a 21st century transmission network is in place so that both governments, north and south are able to meet their respective renewable energy targets,” said EirGrid chief executive FintanSlye. “We currently have some of the highest combined renewable energy penetration on a transmission network anywhere in the world. This is driving major changes in not only the need for appropriate grid infrastructure but also in the behavior of the power system. EirGrid is committed to supporting innovation in new grid applications and looks forward to trialing these technologies.”

Eirgrid in partnership with Ireland’s National Digital Research Center (NDRC) also recently launched the Smart Grid Innovation Hub, to assist companies, entrepreneurs and academics to access expertise and supportfrom the energy and ICT industries in Ireland and Northern Irelandtowards new smart grid products and services. The goals of the Center include positioning Ireland as a global center of excellence in smart grid by facilitating the establishment of a cluster of successful smart grid companies and bringing new ideas from concept to market.