Fraunhofer startup industrial_heating

In Germany, smart grid start-up Enit Energy IT Systems has launched a technology for decentralized systems like combined heat and power plants.

The company is being incubated at the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE in Freiburg.

Enit Energy develops and markets monitoring and control systems that claim to help customers gain more transparency about their electricity, heat and gas consumption.

The technology called OpenMUC adapts itself to the customer’s system and remains flexible for adaptions in the future, according to a company statement.

Industrial solution

Commenting on the target audience for the new product, Hendrik Klosterkemper, CEO of ENIT Energy IT Systems, said: “Our customers are industrial firms, energy supply companies and direct marketers.

“They receive highly efficient control technology, which is customized to fit their specific needs. Our company’s expertise is based on more than five years of technology development and research in smart grids.”

Enit Systems, which emerged from the Department of Intelligent Energy Systems at Fraunhofer ISE, presently employs six engineers.

The founding partners of Fraunhofer ISE – Prof. Dr. Christof Witter, Dr. Robert Kohrs and Stefan Feuerhahn – said there is a technology transfer between the research departments and the new start-up.

Enit Systems is sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) in cooperation with the Center for Renewable Energy (ZEE) of the University of Freiburg within the EXIST Transfer of Research program.

Global trend

The news of the OpenMCU launch comes amid findings from a new report that industrial companies with energy costs greater than 10% of total operating costs should invest in a new wave of industrial energy management software to achieve best in class operational excellence.

The report from analyst Verdantix estimates that 65% of global industrial firms will spend more on gas and electricity in 2015 than in 2014 due to increasing energy prices.

Fragmented ownership of energy efficiency and a focus on maintaining plant output are the primary barriers to industrial firms investing in industrial energy management software.